KIH Products embarks on further research!

Originally the KIH Bed was quite simply designed as a comfort aid during late pregnancy, and as an ideal tool for massage therapists to provide relaxation mum-to-be massage heaven!  Of course the uses post partum (co-sleeping, sit up aid, lounger, jump on toy etc) were great surprise additional uses post pregnancy.  But now the KIH Bed is entering a new phase, as popularity has grown amongst therapists, so has health benefit interest.

Director Julie was introduced to the theory of OFP, developed mu midwife Jean Sutton by a top UK osteopath Caroline Penn.  And together they have devised a research survey for mums-to-be to complete during their use of the KIH Bed, to develop sound evidence of various health benefits that are associated with laying prone during late pregnancy.

It is wonderful for KIH Products to have raised the eyebrows of such accomplished health professionals as initially it was very hard to get therapists to embrace change, as historically laying a pregnant lady on her side was the only option and therefore the preferred teaching method, now that is set to change, and it would seem that the KIH Bed is more useful than ever imagined.   The KIH Bed is still sold primarily as an aid to comfort and relaxation, but in 2016 following a complete health benefit research trail it may be that the KIH Bed can be provided to help combat many pregnancy ailments.


Word is spreading….. the KIH Bed is in demand!

Three years ago nobody knew what a KIH Bed was, a KIH bed (pronounced key bed) – is a new style of pregnancy cushion that allows a lady to lay prone throughout her pregnancy.  Created for my own use in 2011, the KIH Bed is now used by mums-to-be, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and as well as being in the UK is now in Australia.

The KIH Bed has many uses post-partum, it is ideal for co-sleeping, as a sit-me-up, in place of a bumbo, crib, bouncer, toddler lounger.  It is so lightweight and easy to transport and incredibly durable.

The next couple of months will be spent concentrating on recruiting agents / self-employed reps around the UK and Europe, and further research will be carried out into the possible benefits of the KIH Bed with respect to OFP.

Whist it is early to make medical claims, there are clearly medical benefits and experts in their field are being very quick to make sure that they take full advantage of the KIH Bed.